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CHAPTER I (Banking and Financial Intermediation)
CHAPTER III (Legal Form of Covered Entities)
CHAPTER IV (Licensing of Covered Entities)
CHAPTER V (Minimum Capital - Solvency)
CHAPTER VI (Capacity of Directors and Managers)
CHAPTER VII (Composition, Permanent Identification, and Responsibilities of Partners in Covered Entities Constituted as Noncommercial Societies)
CHAPTER VIII (Composition, Permanent Identification, and Responsibilities of Shareholders in Locally Incorporated Covered Entities)
CHAPTER IX (Composition, Permanent Identification and Responsibilities of Shareholders of the Parent Company of a Covered Entity Constituted as a Branch) of a Foreign Bank
CHAPTER X (Equity Participations by Covered Entities in the Capital of Other Commercial Companies)
CHAPTER XI (Establishment Abroad or in Cambodia)
CHAPTER XII (Supervisory Authority and Regulatory Power)
CHAPTER XIII (Prudential Measures - Internal control)
CHAPTER XIV (Accounting Obligations - External Auditors’ Duties)
CHAPTER XV (Professional Secrecy)
CHAPTER XVI (Related Parties)
CHAPTER XVII (Money Laundering)
CHAPTER XVIII (Disciplinary Sanctions)
CHAPTER XIX (Penalties)
CHAPTER XX (Provisional Administration - Liquidation)
CHAPTER XXI (Customer Protection)
CHAPTER XXII (Organization of the Profession)
CHAPTER XXIII (Transitional Provisions)
CHAPTER XXIV (Final Provisions)n)
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